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  • "Thank you"

    Thank you so much for this amazing product.

    My five year old was struggling with asthma and was even hospitalized. She was then given asthma pumps and a whole lot of other medication. I started giving her the golden latte from January this year and she has not had a single attack since then and has never had to use the asthma pump or any of the other medication .

    We’ve all been enjoying. So once again thank you.


  • “Delicious explosions of pleasure”

    The flavours in the Masala Chai Tea creates delicious explosions of pleasure in your mouth.


  • "Berry Goodness"

    I'll take a cup of coffee over a cup of tea anytime, rooibos tea that is, but queen of Chai has changed that for me.
    I took a chance with the Berry Chai and I am not disappointed one bit.

    With fibromyalgia comes inflammation and that is but one benefit of drinking the Berry Chai it also helps and heals
    sore gums, throat and mouth ulcers - I'm on day 3 and I'm feeling a difference.

    Cannot wait for summer so I can have some iced tea.


  • "Best Rooibos"

    Absolutely love these….the compostable reusable tea bags are amazing…and def the best rooibos we have tasted…my family love it

    Majedah Ismail

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