About us

Queen of Chai was born many years ago going by a playful name of “Chaiwala”. It began amongst a group of college friends spending hours together always with a pot of freshly brewed masala tea aka CHAI, the Indian word. Years later, in conversation and over a pot of brewed chai, shared amongst husband and wife, the realisation arose that there is a gap in the market and that “Chaiwala” can actually become a business. Chaiwala then transformed into Queen of Chai. The name came to the founder in a dream.

We sell Black, Lemongrass, Honeybush and Rooibos loose tea leaves made with whole spices. Our latte range consists of Golden Milk and Masala Chai, which is made from pure spices.

As a husband and wife team, with the wife bringing the teatastic to the business while the husband brings his skills, knowledge and taste buds of nuts and dried fruit.


Founder & Brewer

I love everything about collecting, creating, and sampling, new variants of teas and lattes. I just had to share my passion with the world.

I cannot wait to expand my new product range. Watch this space!