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Queen of Chai is a female-owned start-up business that was launched at the end of August 2019.


Queen of Chai was born many years ago, playfully referred to as “Chaiwala”. It began amongst a group of college friends spending hours together always with a pot of freshly brewed masala tea, also known as CHAI, the Indian/ Hindi word.


Years later, in conversation and over a pot of brewed chai, shared amongst husband and wife (a team), the realisation arose that there is a gap in the market and that “Chaiwala” can actually become a business. Chaiwala then transformed into Queen of Chai. The name came to the owner, Hajirah Dawray Cassiem in a dream.

Queen of Chai is an authentic Indian/Oriental brand. All their products have an oriental flair. They sell black loose-leaf teas made with whole spices, organic Golden Milk latte mixtures (tumeric base) and a lemongrass tea range.


They will be introducing Organic Rooibos Masala Chai and 100% organic Chai Latte mixture in the new year.


Queen of Chai only uses whole pure spices that they grind down themselves. They support clean living and try to source the base of their products straight from the farm.


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